Lee Weeks

Lee Weeks

Graduate Student, 2018 Cohort

About Lee Weeks

Second Lieutenant Lee Weeks serves in the US Army Reserves as an Adjutant General Officer. Lee’s undergraduate thesis, “How to (Not) be a Fag in the Army,” is an autoethnography that scrutinizes his experience of being a gay man in the homophobic and androcentric social context that characterizes the Army. Growing up in particularly suffocating social environment that persisted into his military service, Lee has internalized insidious self-loathing and homophobia—both of which are his greatest personal challenges; these also inform his scholarly interests and theoretical positions. Lee operates under the framework that gender is a social construction that inherently debilitates humanity and individual human experience. Consequently, he loves to ponder and debate what a genderless society might look like and what steps we might take to reach that liberation.

Research Interests

Queer theory; sexuality; shame; Marxist theory: ideological superstructures, historical materialism; postmodern thought; cultural studies; ethnographies; sociology of gender; (gay) masculinities; embodiment and bodies


BA. Sociology, Gender and Diversity Studies with a minor in peace and justice studies, Xavier University