Suisui Wang

Suisui Wang

Graduate Student, 2017 Cohort

About Suisui Wang

Suisui Wang is a graduate student of Gender Studies at Indiana University. In his ongoing and future graduate endeavors, Suisui has been eager to link the critical perspectives from feminist and queer theory with the contextually-grounded lived experiences in the non-Western world and seek dialogue between the two, which makes his inquiries interdisciplinary in nature.

During his undergraduate studies, he has organized his research efforts to examine the social and political organizing of a group of working class migrant gay men in a non-metropolitan setting as well as the emerging same-sex households (e.g. couplehood and parenthood) in China. He will continue to research about how practices of same-sex eroticism, intimacies, and families are stratified and differentiated along spatial, gendered, and classed lines. Another of his ongoing projects undertakes both demographical and physiological methods to understand the health and well-being of sexual minorities and their families. His research efforts reflect his interdisciplinary interests and training in Gender Studies, Sociology, Family Science, and East Asia Studies.

Suisui was born in Hunan Province in central China and his hometown is encircled by rivers and mountains. He has been based in Changsha, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Amsterdam, and now Bloomington for his education. Despite the fact that he is mostly (and will be) away from hometown, Suisui has remained his unchangeable love for spicy food and watery regions.

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Education History

2017, B.A., Sociology, East China Normal University, Shanghai, China

Research Interests

cross-cultural sexualities; rurality, migration, and sexuality; same-sex intimacy and parenthood; family change and alternative households; health disparity and well-being; mixed-methods research